Matrix Theory, Fall 2013

Robot painting an eigenmural
© 2013 Laure Bukh
Used with permission


Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 11:30 (lectures), Tuesdays 1:30pm (recitation)


Wean Hall 5421 (lectures), Wean Hall 8220 (recitation)


Linear functions are the simplest functions, and linear equations are the simplest equations. This is a course about them.

We will master simple, yet powerful ways to manipulate the linear functions, and will have fun iterating them to infinity. We learn how to solve linear equations, and discover how to think of dimensions higher than 3.


The book for the course is Linear Algebra Done Wrong by Sergei Treil. It is freely available on author's website. There is a copy hosted by our library.

Not all topics that we cover are in the book, and some topics we will cover differently.

Links to additional resources will be posted as the course progresses.

More fun:

More fun can be had at my office hours on Mondays 3:30–4:30pm and Thursdays 9:30–10:30am in Wean 6202 or 6th floor lounge. I am also available by appointment.

Jacob Davis (who is our TA) also has office hours. They are Tuesdays 16:30–18:30 and Thursdays 19:00–20:00 in Wean 7112.

Course activities:

Mastery of any subject requires practice. Hence, there will be regular homeworks. You are strongly encouraged to do homework individually. Collaboration and use of external sources are permitted, but discouraged, and must be fully acknowledged and cited. Collaboration may involve only discussion; all the writing must be done individually. The homeworks will be returned one week after they are due.

Students are expected to fully participate in the class. Discussions during the lectures are encouraged.

The homework will count for 10% of the grade. During the semester there will be three tests (on September 18, October 16, November 25). Each test will count for 20% of the grade. The final exam will count for 30%. The date of the final exam has been set by the Registrar to 5:30pm on December 9 in Doherty Hall 1112.

Make-up tests will be given only in the case of a documented medical excuse, a university-sanctioned absence, or a family emergency. However, this must be requested before the official start time of each test.


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