Algebra, Fall 2022

Algebra tome
Cours d'Arithmétique


Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 10:10


Wean Hall 7201 [map] [classroom photo]


Abstraction is a way to strip the irrelevant. Algebra is the language of abstraction.

This course is aimed at students who are already somewhat familiar with abstract algebra, and want to deepen their knowledge. Besides the essentials of groups, ring, and fields, I hope also to give a taste of algebraic geometry.


There is no required text. The book that most closely matches the course is Abstract Algebra by Dummit and Foote. It is an excellent text to learn from.

Class format:

The class is expected to be conducted fully in person. Should the university decide to switch to remote instruction, the students should be ready to use Zoom software.

Office hours:

The office hours will be at 2:30pm–3:20pm on Thursdays and after the class on Fridays in Wean 6202. I am also available by appointment.

Course activities:

There will be several homeworks, a take-home mid-term (October 14–16) and an in-class final (December 15 at 1pm). The students are required to inform me of any conflict for the final exam within one week after the registrar publishes the final exam schedule.

Students are expected to fully participate in the class. Discussions during the lectures are encouraged.

Homework will count for 20% of the grade. The mid-term and the final will count for 40% each.

Collaboration on homeworks is allowed, but all writing must be done independently. Collaboration on take-home tests is forbidden. Violators will receive a failing grade for the course, and will be subject to disciplinary actions as explained in the student handbook.

Homework must be submitted in LaTeX via e-mail. I want both the LaTeX file and the PDF that is produced from it. The filenames must be of the form andrewid_algebra_homeworknumber.tex and andrewid_algebra_homeworknumber.pdf respectively. Pictures and commutative diagrams do not have to be typeset; a legible photograph of a hand-drawn picture is acceptable. The homework must be submitted by 10:00am of the day it is due. For each minute past the deadline, the assignment grade is reduced by 10%.

Unusually insightful solutions, and other achievements will be appropriately rewarded.

Staying sane and healthy:

This is a graduate course. It is designed to challenge your brain with new and exciting mathematics, not to wear your body down with sleepless nights. Start the assignments early, and get good nutrition and exercise. Pace yourself, for semester is long. If you find yourself falling behind or constantly tired, talk to me.


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